Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Covent Garden Affordable Properties And Rentals

Londoners looking for the culture of the Royal Opera and the convenience of the market piazza will enjoy Covent Garden. Whether you are a tenant looking for a chic area to live or a professional and business owner looking for just the right location, you will enjoy Covent Garden. There are many spaces and locations available in a variety of sizes to suit a renter or property owner’s needs. Covent Garden property is reasonably priced like Soho, yet you get the amenities of the upscale areas such as Mayfair and you are conveniently located close to London’s many west end theatres.

The Seven Dials retail and shopping centre of Covent Garden is ideal for residents and business professionals alike who want the convenience of commuting cross city with ease or simply enjoy the local flair of Covent Garden. The opportunities for running a successful business, renting office space or living in the hustle and bustle of just seven streets is compelling.

The hub of this community is the structure of the streets. Each of them merge into a circular central area. At the core lies the renowned Seven Dials sundial pillar. The original street blueprints suggested six streets instead of seven. The Sundial has six faces to reflect the six roads. The first column was taken down in 1773. It was later transferred to Weybridge as a memorial to Princess Frederica Charlotte, the daughter of King Frederick William II of Prussia.

Even though the Seven Dials referred to the actual central hub of the road junction, it is understood to mean the surroundings too. The rentals and properties for sale in the vicinity run from Shaftesbury Avenue to Shelton Street from north to south and east to west from Endell Street to West Street. The seven street radius is very small and an individual can walk it in few minutes. Therefore, as you can imagine, the space for offices and other establishments are greatly sought after.

No wonder the property is in such high demand, the high end eateries, bars and novelty shops make it especially inviting. Residents can enjoy shopping at their convenience at any hour. While employees can catch some shopping on their lunch break or enjoy a wonderful beverage and a little relaxation.

On the other hand, businesspeople can entertain their clients in style with quality food and entertainment. There are many well-known restaurants in the area, including French eateries. A night at Theatreland in London’s vibrant west end is sure to please your guests or clients. Clients visiting from overseas will love the British flare and local atmosphere of Seven Dials. The area is bulging over with attitude!

The Covent Garden tube or buses connect easily to Seven Dials so that if your friends or clients come to visit you they will find the area without too many directions.

Covent Garden is pleased to be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. There will be flags flying high everywhere, prestigious hotels will create traditional meals and even ice cream parlours are whipping up something special. There will also be street entertainment throughout and much more.

Would you like to search for Covent Garden properties for rent? You can find out more about how to do that and the ways to rent central London quickly for your dream home by getting in touch with LDG for more information.