Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A background of Fitzrovia

When the old hospital site in Middlesex, Mortimer Street was bought, it was called "Noho Square" by the buyers. Noho means North Soho, this did not please Fitzrovians. The plans went ahead and it was decided that flashy apartments would be built in Fitzrovia. The residents were happy when the credit crunch struck because the plans were abolished and all was quiet for two years. But this week, the new homes and offices that have been built are revealed. However the original plan has been changed slightly and they are designed to suit the overall atmosphere of the area and at prices to suit the locals.

The name that the locals objected to so vehemently, Noho, has been changed and in reference to the areas Edwardian mansion blocks it is now simply called Fitzroy Place.

The Fitzroy Place project includes a total of 291 apartments that are 10 storeys high circling a new public square, increasing the space from the earlier scheme by thirty per cent. Only one item remains from the original plan and that is a cathedral. There are two floors of parking in the project, priced at GBP 95,000 each. There is also extra storage, a private members club with a gym and more, making the project monumental and impressive.

The inside of the buildings are made with a combination of classic and contemporary style and smart technology, reaching out and impressing local fashion/design icons and global brands including Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency executives.

When the BBC opened a broadcasting house in 1932, Fitzrovia was noticed and established its credentials. It continues to remain high up in the media world and is always moving up. Previous rag-trade business have been made into high class hotels, loft offices and top restaurants some of which are fully booked into next year!

It's modern character does not really continue today but the area has a definite identity and a diverse mix. Empathy is vast for the die hard locals who go against the invasion of corporations and their attempts to regenerate the area. A recent plan was to develop a private sector based business district, this would prove fatal for smaller businesses.

Tottenham Court Road, Euston Road, Oxford Street and Great Portland street enclose Fitzrovia, and Fitzrovia borders Soho, Marylebone and Bloomsbury.

Fitzrovia does struggle to be known as a place in itself due to all the iconic locations surrounding it. It is very cheap, it is thought that this is due to there not being much monumental architecture in the area. Also the streets tend not to match each other very well due to being owned by single land owners who do their own thing.

Fitzrovia has a definite charm and always has done. Marylebone is a bustling high street, hospital and university departments have held back the sought after high street chic that Marylebone has.

Great Titchfield Street, Riding House Street, Langham Street and Foley Street are mainly comprised of mansion flats above shops and restaurants. They are very popular with home buyers.

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