Friday, October 19, 2012

Renting property in Merton Park

Did you know that renting can save you money? If you add maintenance fees, taxes, and various other fees that goes along with owning property, even after tax deduction you are still ahead if you rent. Landlords have to take on the price of repairs instead of you and there is no long term commitment of several years. Renting is flexible and easy way to work out if you like the area you are going to live in.

The Merton Park Area is a great place to come live, It is a leafy suburb of west London. We have many things to offer the people who might be willing to check our area out. If you want to rent somewhere in South West London then you can choose Merton Park for all the advantages that we will now describe.

West London is our area, the Merton Park is a leafy suburb for those looking for houses in our area. We have many items to temp the renters to rent in this area. Do you like gardens? the flowers, the shrubs, the great smell, just the beauty of them. Here is West London the Merton area we have just such gardens, Kendor gardens, Mostyn garden, our ornamental gardens and the winner of the Green Flag award for 2009. John Innes Garden.

The Merton area has some famous hot spots like Wimbledon, we share it's SW19 postcode with them. Merton Park has a strong local active community group too.

Old Rustlisians sports ground, Church Lane playing fields and Glebe fields are a few names to get you looking in our direction. We also have three state schools one of these being the Merton Park primary.

Looking for a place to worship, we have a Anglican Church. St. Mary's Church is the main church in the area. A church has stood on this site since before the Domesday book. St. Mary's Church lies in the heart of the Merton Park conservation area. Which is south of Wimbledon.

Looking for some culture, like history, we have St. Mary's Church which lies in the heart of the Merton Park conservation area, St. Mary's church is a Anglican Church and is our main church in the area. Just south of Wimbledon. Parts of this old church date back to the 1115, The roof of the nave is nearly 900 years old and the Chancel dates back to the 1400's. The only recent thing to have happen to this church has been two aisles that where built within the century to accommodate the rise in population. There has been a church on this site dating back before the Domesday Book.

This is the Merton Park area in a nut shell, we have quality property, which is less expansive then our neighbor's to the north which is Wimbledon. Please remember that we have gardens, parks, fields and a award winning garden, we have culture and three state schools and hot spots and that is just to name a few of the items that we have here for you to enjoy. I hope this article was helpful in your decision to come and rent with us.

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