Friday, November 09, 2012

Door and Window Furniture

The difference between a professionally decorated room, and that finished by a good amateur, is usually down to the small things. The final touches can play and important part in the overall effect, and often overlooked are window and door furniture. There is a vast array of decorative and functional door and window furniture available that can enhance a living room, bathroom, and kitchen from basic fittings to high end architectural ironmongery.

Window and door furniture can range from the simple and subtle to the more lavish and architectural. Door and window furniture consists of not only door knobs and window latches but a vast range of fittings including door stops, chains, hooks, escutcheon plates, viewers, letter box units, door knockers, handles, knobs and bolts. Often a front door can be overlooked when decorating a hallway, not only the security of the front door but also furniture that can complement the inside and add to the decoration scheme.

Quick decisions on matching window and door furniture with newly decorated rooms could look cheap and stick out for all the wrong reasons. A well thought out plan can change the situation to a more complemented scheme and can actually add to the character of the decoration. Well-chosen window and furniture can greatly enhance a room, and there are so many choices of materials, from brass, nickel, chrome and black iron. Classical timber sash windows can greatly benefit from the right furniture once they have been decorated.

When planning a decorative scheme in the home it is important to think through every possibility including the vast choice on offer from window and door furniture. Matching the right fittings with everything else in the room can be difficult and the choice of whether or not window and door furniture should blend or become a feature need to be decided.

The use of the room will also determine the use of the fixings and safety should also be factored into the scheme. Kitchens and bathrooms will require more practical door and window furniture whereas a living room and bedroom can focus more on decorative items. It would be prudent to think about security when looking at window furniture and front door furniture.

Replacing locks and latches to doors and windows that are not as robust and secure as the previous sets and may have an effect on the insurance policy. If the situation arises when a claim is made then you could have problems. When replacing furniture that are integral to the homes security, either replace with the same standard or upgrade to a higher level. Replacing the front door furniture can be achieved with aesthetics and security in mind.

Choosing the right furniture also depends on the type of windows currently installed in the home, for example, sash windows, casement windows, Awning windows, Tilt and turn windows and Bay windows will all determinant the suitability of window furniture. Children should also be taken into consideration when looking at the opening width of a window especially upstairs.

There is a vast range of window and door furniture buying options, with hundreds of styles to choose, from classic to contemporary, which complement and enhance any room in the home.

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