Monday, November 12, 2012

Get to know South Hampstead

In the 18th Century, Hampstead was famous for its spa waters the city boasts of a heath that stretches from Hampstead village all the way to Highgate, 791 acres having a mixture of swimming ponds, meadows, woodland and playing fields. This place will give you a completely different experience as compared to the normal city environment. You will enjoy scenic views, historical architecture, shopping facilities and amazing places to dine.

Indoor or outdoor?

Ranging from drama at the Hampstead Theatre to luxurious cinema shows at the Everyman, you will not lack what to do to make your evening perfect. If you are an outdoor type, you can head to the Heath and enjoy amazing views or take a cool swim in one of the three swimming ponds.

The area

This area is found in the district of South Hampstead in northwest London. It forms part of the London Borough of Camden. This area lies between Belsize Road, West End Lane, Fitzjohn's Avenue, Finchley Road, Broadhurst Gardens and the Nutley terrace.

Getting around

The Finchley Road station and Swiss Cottage station will provide you access to the South Bank, West End and Canary Wharf. Getting to Euston is possible through the overground station.


Houses are popular especially to the young due to more value for your money. You can go for apartment blocks found along Langtry walk or Victorian style houses that are found around Canfield Gardens.

Visit the Heath

Untamed environment stretching for 791 acres is made up of a mixture of meadows, swimming ponds, playing fields and woodland. Many a writer and director have come here to write a poem, book or produce a film based on the Heath. If you are feeling hot, cool off by a swim in any of the three ponds. You can also go atop Parliament hill to fly your kite in the breezy weather.

Would you rather check out some art?

Head out to Kenwood House and get amazed by the work done by Robert Adam, who remodeled this House from 1764 to 1773. The house is built in well maintained, beautiful grounds. Indoors, you will see a collection of famous paintings and furniture dating back to the 18th Century. Among the paintings are 'The Guitar Player' painted by Vermeer, a self-portrait by Rembrandt and 'Contess Howe' which was painted by Gainsborough. The house is now under repair, set to reopen in the autumn of 2013.

Cool off in a swimming pool

The Heath has three swimming pools, one for men, women and the other for mixed groups. These pools are a result of damming off of clay pits. They fall under the management of the City of London Corporation which maintains along with the residents. The Men and Women's ponds are open throughout the year. If you want to use the mixed pond during winter, you need to register with the Hampstead Heath Winter Swimming Club. The water in the pond is chilly even during the warm days of summer.

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