Monday, November 13, 2017

Using Social Media to increase Estate Agents' profiles

The recent study conducted by the BBC found that nearly half of today's UK-based internet users browse via a mobile device. Since Apple released its first iPhone in 2007, mobile phones with internet access have become de rigueur and this has, in turn, resulted in increased internet browsing on the move, with all the business possibilities that implies. Potential customers are now accessing social media sites and platforms regularly throughout a day, whether or not they are on the move or using a fixed internet source. Proper use of these platforms by a business can generate increased traffic, lead generation and conversion rates.

Social media can now be used as a form of marketing in which competing businesses advertise their services, giving customers a variety from which to choose without leaving their preferred social media websites.

It is the combination of PR - the drive to choose one business over another - and marketing that generates exposure for a brand. Social media is a new tool to entice customers to your brand over those of your competitors.

Using Twitter to advertise and market properties is not profitable. In general, Tweeters are resistant to being sold to through the medium. Instead, use the platform to offer free hints and tips of advice on home-buying, finding a mortgage and mortgage advisor, what to look for in a property etc. This will encourage people to trust in your brand, and they are then more likely to become your customers.

A Tweet containing a property name and price will not attract a customer. You are providing marketing information better directed at potential buyers than at the mass Twitter universe. Home buyers will not search for properties through a medium such as Twitter. Information other than price may serve to attract them to your website, however, such as properties in specific regions.

You are trying to attract Landlords or Vendors, those who may be interested in buying, selling or renting property, and you need to advertise the elements that make you different from other brands. You need to illustrate your reputation and achievements, perhaps Tweet testimonials from your clients and list the bigger clients on your books.

Encourage happy customers to Tweet their experiences with your brand. This form of positive PR feedback is vital to brand enhancement and lead generation.

The key to successful marketing and successful business is using each property deal as a case study. Did you fulfil your client's requirements and negotiate a satisfactory sale or let price? Was your client pleased with your overall performance? These are two crucial questions and it is important to view your client's entire experience with you and learn from it.

If you are growing your brand in the local area or working closely with local businesses, this is the information with which to market yourself on social media. Make it local; make it relevant. Name local businesses, recommend schools. This is the essence of effective social media marketing.

The best way to make sure that your business continually rank with Google and keep good number of visitors for chosen geographic and industry related phrases, for example estate agents in central London is to undertake a monthly Social Media and online marketing campaign. Our social media for the property market can help you reach your goals. Visit Property Division for more info.