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Brondesbury Area

Located at Kilburn in London, Brondesbury is situated among the administrative councils of Brent and Camden. The railway station may be found along the North London Line, on the bridge crossing the Kilburn High road in the North West region of London, at Brondesbury. The locale is only two hundred meters away from the Kilburn tube station to the South East and about half a mile North West of the Kilburn High Road Station.


Drawn house
Brondesbury owes it origins to the establishment of the railway station along the Euston main Line. This, coupled with a few developments, which include the construction of the adjacent Manor of Belsize and the erection of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners' estates in Kilburn may be regarded as the main reasons behind the growth. The pioneer settlements are located on the south side of the Cavendish Road, which ultimately leads to the railway, characterized by the imposing two storey abodes complete with basements. A hallmark of Victorian design and architecture, these were all established before council records were constituted as from 1875.

Brondesbury Property Types and architecture

The larger portion of Brondesbury property is made up of the large Victorian houses. The pattern is broken by a few modern flats and apartment complexes.

Brondesbury shopping and entertainment

Entertainment and shopping facilities play a big part in choosing a place to settle in. Kilburn High Road has various establishments available for your disposal. For instance, the O2 has a home at Finchley mall, and a number of traditional Irish pubs are available at close proximity. This is as a result of the nearby Kilburn. A wide array of bars and restaurants are also available at West Hampstead and Finchley Road, which also has a world class cinema hall. Last but not least, Kilburn hosts the Tricycle Theatre, a source of pride for all residents.

Brondesbury Transport

Brondesbury is not short of transport choices. Unhindered access to the underground rail is guaranteed: to Metropolitan, Bakerloo and the Jubilee. The vast network of bus lines also ramifies the area with a convenient service, with routes leading into the West End working hand in hand with the North London over ground railway line to meet all your transportation needs.

Brondesbury Parks & Commons

Brondesbury is well endowed with regard to social amenities. The Queens Park and Kilburn Grange Park boast of a multitude of modern sporting facilities. The latter is an eight acre complex guaranteed to complete the sporting experience for the child and adult as well. With three tennis courts, a children's playing area and a multipurpose games area suitable for football or basketball, it is guaranteed to cap the Brondesbury experience. Floodlit fields equipped with changing rooms are also available for hire.

Brondesbury Local Authorities

The residents are represented at the Brent council, which also undertakes to carry out all the duties of a council. These include providing social services, education, housing and town planning.
The conservation area gives a glimpse of Victorian suburban development spanning twenty five years. Specifically designed for the growing middleclass, the homes are draped in artistic detail and designs.
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