Saturday, December 29, 2012

Different window construction strategies for energy-saving

During winter efficient insulated windows and window frames will keep heat loss from your flat to the minimum. They keep the heat away from your room during summer too. Choosing a correct window together with the corresponding frame would save energy and money for you. As there are quite a number of choices, you should consider them thoroughly before consuming one.

Windows and window frames

Double-gazed windows are commonly used. They are air sealed the way they are made. Air is trapped between those two panes of glass and acts as an insulation from outside temperature.

Inert gas-filled windows are in fact double-gazed windows, inert gas for example argon or krypton is trapped between the glasses instead of normal air. These gases have a higher resistance to flowing heat than air. That's why the insulation performance of a gas-filled window is better than normal double-gazed one.

Windows wall
Transparent windows allow sunlight going into the room and coloured windows let different levels of sunlight entering the room. When you apply heat absorbing tints to the surface of windows, they can absorb heat and light according to the material. Highly heat absorbing tinted windows will absorb more heat for your room.

Windows with low-emissivity coatings are even better insulators than tinted ones. They reduce heat transfer up to 30% by radiation. They are comparatively more expensive. But instead of buying brand new windows, coating low-emissivity material on your windows will save you money in the long run.

Not only windows itself are important in preventing heat loss, good window frames will increase the insulation ability as well. Durable aluminium or other metal frames use normally in large construction. Their price is comparatively low, but they are not very good in heat insulation. By adding plastic insulating strips will make them more effective.

Wood frames are very good insulators. But while they are very expensive, subject to weather changes and require a lot of maintenance, they are the most unstable type.

Composite wood frames, for example chipboard insulate heat better than normal wood frames. They won't shrink upon dryness and won't swell easily when it is very wet.

Fiberglass frames are good insulators, mostly due to air cavities inside which act as insulators. They are more stable and durable than wood. They don't need a lot of maintenance, but you need to spend more in installing one.

Vinyl or PVC frames have a very good insulating function also and cost much less than fiberglass frames. By filling their hollow cavities with insulation, boost their ability to insulate. They are very low in maintenance, but contain very low recycled content.

Before making your window construction strategy, you should take all advantages and disadvantages of each product into consideration. Investing money in buying windows with the best thermal insulating function will save energy and your money, especially when you are living in areas with very cold winter or very hot summer. It is worth making an investment so that you can save over the future years.