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The Willesden Town In The United Kingdom

Willesden is one of the towns in the United Kingdom. It is located in the North West of London. Willesden is an area with a large Irish population with their diverse culture. This town is common with numerous NW postcodes which help those living in this area. Several modes of communication in the city provide residents with quality services. The town is a few miles from Charing Cross.

Willesden as a name is strongly associated with Anglo-Saxon Willesdune. History is abundantly clear that this name came after Anglo-Saxon Willesdune. It is a derivation of Anglo-Saxon Willesdune. This name relates to the, Hill of the Spring. Maps in the 19th century gave similar names to Willesden for instance, Welles done. The motto of the area has an extensive inspiration. It says that labour must go with prayers.

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In the 16th century, many people knew the town as a place of pilgrimage. The existence of the statues of the Virgin Mary made the town a place of pilgrimage. St Mary Church is located in this area. Many people visit this house of God frequently. The statues in the church make this place famous in the United Kingdom because of their history.

There is a rapid population growth in Willesden. The town was not well developed until 1875 which came with a lot of changes. After this year, more developments were made hence making the town shine. The appearance of the parish of Willesden improved remarkably in 1879. In 1879, the Metropolitan Railway station of Willesden Green was opened. In 1906 population growth rate increased drastically. The Jubilee Line improved the status of the town.

World War I elevated the town from a Middle Class suburb to a Working Class area. New factories were built in the town after the war. This reduced unemployment levels since many jobs were created. Decent flats were build to accommodate the vast population. Migrations experienced in Willesden make it diverse.

In 1933 Willesden hosted small Irish communities. This community grew rapidly during the Second World War hence making the area extremely populated. Other refugees joined them from Europe. This made the resources t be limited to residents. The town with large populations was overpopulated at this time. Huge populations caused damages in the town. Heavy concentrations on railways caused problems in the town.

Willesden declined its levels of development in the 1980s. All these declines emanated from the large population. Houses were not sufficient for people to shelter. This was a massive problem in the town. The industry was mixed with housing which created numerous problems in the area. Overcrowding caused a serious setback in the town hence making the residents hopeless. However, more efforts were put to reverse the situation. Traders were there to revamp the High Street hence turning the situation to normal. The town now has fully fledged libraries that help in the research and development.

Willesden has profoundly regained. Elegant buildings in the town provide residents with quality services. This town is now looking more decent than many places in the United Kingdom.