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Characteristics of Queens Park

North London contains the Queens Park area, which has several interesting attributes consisting of the park itself, a big open space for individuals to relax with a sports pitch, a cafe and numerous amenities. This region is popular due to a number of aspects. Some of the features that make the area prominent are the football club, which is known as Queen's Park rangers and the significant Queen's Park Estate Development.

The Queen's Park Estate has been built on eighty acres of farmland that is found North of Harrow Road, identified as 'Chelsea Removed'. The estate was built-up by a dedicated group of people that comprised of: the General Dwelling Company, labourers and the artisans. In the year 1987, the Artisans Co was established with an aim of building modern houses for employees working in the industries.

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In 1874, the group tasked with the construction of the park commenced its work, and by 1882 they had managed to construct 1,571 houses and 499 houses were still being constructed. At first the works were face with numerous predicaments, despite these predicaments the Queen's Park was a major accomplishment and a considerable forerunner of the promising 'Garden City' association and also became a major factor in determining the expansion of the early public housing.

There are estates similar to the Queen's park estate that exist, these include, Wandsworth (Shaftesbury Estate), Lambeth (Leigham Court) and Haringey (Noel Park). These parks were altered in the period of World War II, as a result of ruins sustained in Fifth Avenue, Droop Street, Huxley Street and Kilburn Lane. Unfortunately in 1940, a land mine destroyed Peach Street totally. Later on the Street Scene was also altered as government captured the iron railings.

After the Second World War the construction of the Queen's park Court commenced. The first phase to be constructed was on the Peach Street Bomb in 1951. The second phase was demolition of the porches on Droop Street and Third Avenue. The two were later redeveloped as Avenue Garden and Mozart Estate. To give enough room for the construction of the recreation space Farret Street was also destroyed.

Queens Park Rangers is a professional football club and is normally referred to as QPR. The club is located in London in a city called White City. Having won the Football League Championship in 2010-2011 it was promoted to premier League. Some of the major achievements of the club are winning the League cup in 1967, reaching the FA cup finals in 1982 and coming second in First Division in 1975-1976.

OPR was created in 1886 after Christchurch Rangers and St. Judes came together. The custom colours of the team are blue and white. After the formation of the club, the club did not have a ground and it used to play its games in different pitches until they moved to Loftus Road.

QPR has a long standing enmity wish a host of several clubs in the region. These clubs are Brentford, Chelsea and Fulham. When QPR is playing against any of these teams the game is referred to as West London Derby.