Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Get Your Estate Agency Noticed Like A Celebrity

Image: freedigitalphotos
Everyone enjoys celebrity gossip. They place the celebrity magazines in the checkout lines just to entice readers regarding the trashy celebrity misfortunes. Celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton have large followings both in magazines and on social media outlets like Twitter.

While it might appear like there's zero to be learned from superstars like Kim Kardashian or Brittany Spears, looking closer we may be able to learn something. The marketing that these prevalent superstars receive can be applied to how you market your estate agents and promote your business.

To be successful in the business world an estate agent has to make both the buyers and sellers feel important. Marketing the estate agents can be a difficult task, but the marketing aspect can be done by the buyers and sellers, they are the largest asset to a company. Take for example, pop star legend Lady Gaga. She treats her fans like superstars. She has been known to buy pizzas for fans that have waited in line for her concert tickets.

How can the estate business owner make their customers feel like they are valuable? One of the easiest ways is to make sure they know how much they are appreciated. For starters, during the holiday season make sure to send a Christmas card. Gift baskets are nice touches after a transaction. Oftentimes, it can be a small gesture, like a phone call to check and see if they are doing well.

There are many risk takers in the celeb world that we can learn lessons from. Fashion styles of celebrities like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Cher have got people talking and made a statement about their bold and daring attempts to get noticed. While some would view these costumes as risky, others would see them as positive tools to allow the celeb to be noticed.

Even though these outfits were worn some years ago, many people still remember them vividly. The entire point is as an estate agent, we need to be willing to step out and be different, out of the comfort area. The whole idea is to get people talking by doing something out of the ordinary and to get people talking.

From perfumes to clothing lines, celebs love their names all over the place. This form of marketing can be very profitable. Estate agents can learn a lesson from this form of marketing, as getting stuck in a rut is easy. Stop handing out pens and start getting their attention! How about a free large pizza or a massage? The goal is to be creative and to do something unique. Think outside the box and dare to be different.

The next time you are standing in line at the grocery store, notice which celebrities are in the hot seat this month and why. The reason everyone is reading about this person may be something small, but usually in the celebrity world it is something large. Perhaps, there is something that can be learned from celebrities and their crazy world, in fact, maybe these magazines are not a waste of money after all.

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