Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Belgravia district

Image: freedigitalphotos
Belgravia is a district located in the City of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Central London. Surrounded by Knightsbridge, Buckingham Palace Road, Grosvenor Place, Sloane Street and Pimlico Road, Belgravia has its own peaceful atmosphere. It offers its residents the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and calm environment amid the hectic city life. However, this is not the case for the neighbourhoods that surround it. There, because of the numerous office blocks, hotels and entertainment venues, you will observe the typical chaotic and busy city life.


Belgravia was named after Belgrave- a village on the Grosvenor family's estate in Leicestershire. At present, the district takes up 400 acres of land, and the postcodes that define it are SW1X, SW1W.

Area history

All of the houses in Belgravia, through the Georgian period, had brick facades. Also, they shared a similar construction style- they were covered in stucco and then painted. This is due to the influence of the Italian style on the Victorians. Nowadays, the new constructions are still copying the features of the old houses, although they differ in size owing to the smaller families of today.

Famous residents

In 1764, at the age of 8, Mozart wrote his first symphony while he was staying in Belgravia's Ebury Street. The whole area is now unofficially known as "The Mozart square" in his honour. Also, the actress Vivien Leigh spent her life at 53 Eaton Square. Her role in Gone with the Wind (1939), that won her an Academy Award, is what made her famous.

Transport Networks

The transportation network offers the travellers the opportunity to go anywhere into the city or even outside the country. Also, there is a wide range of options when choosing the type of transportation: London Tube, train and bus. You have exceptionally good links to the South and South East of the UK if you pick trains leaving Victoria Station, Southern, Southeastern or Gatwick Express.

Underground station

The tube stations Victoria, Green Park and Sloane Square are all in Belgravia (all in zone 1). Here, you can also take one of the four lines- Victoria, Circle, Piccadilly and the District Lines. With them you can easily travel to any part of London.

Airport Travel

The biggest coach station in London is Victoria Coach Station. Its buses travel to destinations within and outside the UK, as well as to the four nearby airports - Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted.

Attractions in Belgravia

Ebury square- a garden located in the centre of Belgravia- might as well be the most beautiful garden you will ever see. Also, if you love shopping, Belgravia can offer you a fun time in shopping area Collonade Place which is located on the southern perimeter of its residential area.

Gardens and Square

The Grosvenor Gardens are named after the Grosvenor family which was the greatest patron and landowner of its time in Central London. Cast from bronze, The Statue of Mozart is the centrepiece of the Orange Square which can be found in the western part of Belgravia.