Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fitzrovia Local Issues

Image: freedigitalphotos
There is discontent among the residents of the junction between Cleveland Street and Warren Street over a tree that was brought down to keep it from damaging a nearby building. The tree was cut down by the Camden Council once they ascertained that the roots were a threat to the building.

During the month of March, a note indicating that the tree had become dangerous and had to be removed was posted on it and a few weeks later in April, the tree was cut down. The danger posed by the tree was that it was causing subsidence to the building and the Camden Council assured the residents that they would plant another tree with simpler root system to replace the one that was cut. It also emerged that had the tree not been cut and it damaged the building, it would have lead to the filing of an insurance claim by the building owners and this is why the tree was cut.

This was further confirmed by the local councilor when he said that the cutting of the tree was necessary in that it was causing damage to the building. He reiterated that another tree was going to be planted in its place. The council does not cut trees unless they become dangerous in one way or the other, or they start dying and like in this case, they cause damage to a building.

On other issues, there is controversy over a new development that is taking place in Fitzrovia and the renaming of the former Middelsex hospital is the cause of the discontent. The owners are proposing that the new name be 'Fitzroy Place' but some authorities say that the name cannot be accepted. Due to this, the most likely thing to happen is that the owners will be asked to have come up with a name by September 2014 when the development will be complete.

The name in contention has already been applied for by the Kaupthing, the consortium of Exemplar and Aviva Investments but the Postal Authority and emergency services are against the name as they say it will make the hospital hard to find as there are nearby places with the same name.

The owners continue to insist that the name they have selected is the best in that it has a sense of heritage and stature and will be loved by the residents. They continue to add that the name matches well to Fitzroy Square and is accepted linguistically and culturally by all concerned markets. On the same issue, the Westminster Council has done a report saying that the Postal Authority and the emergency services have said that the name is not acceptable after being consulted. The two bodies say that the name 'Fitzroy' has been used in other building and streets and in the borough of Westminster hence it cannot be used again.

As of now, the Westminster Council has resorted to the holding of consultations with the residents and get their views on the proposed name and also air out their suggestion on the best name. However, the owners are still left with the responsibility of coming with a name according o the terms laid down by the council.

All that the council demands in the drawing up of the name is to have one that has a historical links to the area being named, one that is easily pronounced and one that has not been used elsewhere within the borough region.