Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Variety of Windows

Shopping for windows is just like shopping for ingredients. Remarkably, there is a large variety of windows to choose. Some windows act as compliments for each other. Fixed windows can either be purchased as double hang fixtures or as windows with fixed framework. Fixed windows are used only to provide light in a house. They cannot be opened. They are the cheapest in the market and the most common in homes.

Bay windows are arranged in a way that they create numerous views. Because of their positioning, they allow a substantial volume of sunlight and cool air into a room. If a house owner may wish to allow some light in, he or she can open the windows slightly at their sides.

The windows make a room to appear large. They offer a large window sill space as they curve outwards from a room. They are most appropriate when used on a large wall.

image credit: Rameshng
Double hang windows offer the best ventilation for a room. The windows can either open completely, or only a half of the whole window opens. For a house with kids, a parent should only open the top windows that cannot be reached by children.

They are great for a child’s room. Nevertheless, they also work efficiently in other parts of the house. They are adaptable windows. However, they are not the best windows for insulation purposes. This is because when compared to a casement or a bay window, they let much more air into a room.

Picture windows cannot be opened. They are just there to be looked and admired. They are able to allow a generous volume of light into a room. Normally, they are built close to other designs of windows.

They are structured in various patterns and put on walls where they are never opened. For persons who would enjoy the idea of a porthole in a house, they are best windows to use. Since they cannot be opened, they do not provide any ventilation to a house.

Sliding Windows create an airy feeling to a room. For this reason, they are constructed on patio doors. They cannot break easily since they never leave their frames when opening.

They are the cheapest form of windows to be used in a home. The windows are typically ceiling to floor. For this reason, they cannot be put on the upper floors of a house. They create an imminent risk to homes with children. This is because children’s fingers can easily get caught in doors. To minimize their danger, they should be locked permanently when not in use.

In most cases, windows are built on wood, metal, or UPVC. Choice of windows depends on various factors. People who are fashion conscious will go for windows made from wood or metal. UPVC is not affected much by harsh climates in UK. Wood will splinter and decay because of moisture. On the other hand, metal will rust in humid conditions. This makes windows built on the two materials less attractive over time.

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