Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Living in Chelsea

Image: freedigitalphotos
Chelsea is a district that has a lot of character and an interesting history. Positioned between two rivers, Knightsbridge and River Thames, Chelsea is one of the most exclusive and bustling districts of London.

If all of the above is not interesting to you, you can still go to a local pub and enjoy a match of the famous Chelsea FC- the most famous football club in the district.

King's Road, one of the most famous streets in Chelsea, is the street where all the big shopping outlets and small independent shops are situated. At the further end of King's Street, you can find Sloane Square where there are many department stores, footwear and clothes shops, and other smaller and independent shops. There, you can also visit Vivien Westwood's punk shop, which has been working for several decades; or, you can have a quick trip to Saatchi Gallery to look at the many contemporary art pieces that are constantly on display.

There are many exciting events that take place in Chelsea, such as the annual Chelsea Flower Show. Apart from events, there are many impressive structures and monuments to see in Chelsea: the National Army Museum, the Royal Hospital, the home of Thomas Carlyle, and many more. Cinema buffs can go to the modern Royal Court Theatre, or they can take their pick from the many independent cinemas that are situated in the district.

As we mentioned before, Chelsea has it all. No wonder so many people want to live in this London district. There, you can enjoy the exquisite food of the modern caf'es and restaurants or have a drink or two in the local pubs. When tired, you can also give yourself to the cares of the trained physicians in the spas and salons of Chelsea. In fact, the district is famous as a place where you would want to settle down because there are facilities that can provide everything you might need. Moreover, in Chelsea, you can choose a house or an apartment from a wide range of available ones, thus ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

Many famous people have lived in the district of Chelsea. It began its renaissance when the famous lawyer Thomas More chose it as his living grounds. After that, other rich families noticed Chelsea as a suitable place to build their own houses and mansions. In time, Chelsea became an important area filled with many revolutionaries, politicians, painters, and thinkers.

Later, Charles II enclosed an old farming track and made it into a highway from Hampton Court Palace to Whitehall. The ruling monarch allowed only certain people to travel on his highway, which later became known as the King's Road. Actually, the road was forbidden to the general public until the 1830s. Chelsea became connected to the outside world in 1772 with the addition of the Battersea Bridge; furthermore, in 1874 the Embankment was created.

The Mears brothers, who created the Chelsea Football Club, got ownership of the stadium's grounds in 1904. The stadium was built in 1877 at the bridge where Stamford Creek crossed Fulham Road.