Friday, July 26, 2013

What You Should Know About Skip Companies

Since people tend to engage in activities like clearing out the garden, cleaning the house or projects during the spring-summer time, therefore there is a greater demand for domestic skip hire during this time period.

The process of locating and hiring a skip is a daunting one since permits have to be arranged and skip sizes have to be measured in cubic yards. Nevertheless, there is a solution for this. Given below are some guidelines for approaching the task of getting a hired skip:

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A skip company is distinct from a car hire company because one wouldn't find a nationwide one, even though some may put their advertisement nationally, but they always subcontract business to local contractors. Your local council's website can also be used for this purpose. The website will have a list of good skip companies operating in one's locality or area.

The next thing that you should do is to look for a waste carrier, an approved one. In order to achieve this you will need to obtain the waste carrier license number of the potential company and have it checked with the Environment Agency. Unfortunately, skip lures cowboy companies who use the fly-tipping method instead of proper waste disposal, thus causing a lot of problems for you (the tax payer) and your local council.

Recycling is very important because it encourages proper waste disposal, which not only benefits the environment but also the landfills as the latter are getting filled up quite quickly. However, getting the help of a reputable company that recycles waste is a good idea because it allows one to help the environment and finish one's disposal work at the same time!

A reliable recycling company will sort out your waste and recycle as much as can be so that only a small amount of waste gets transported to the landfills, they don't dump your waste in the closest landfill site directly or fly-tip the garbage. A number of these companies come with their own waste processing facilities! While this may be a costlier option, but it is worthwhile because you're doing good to the environment.

How much should it cost? The answer to this depends upon several factors like: waste type, location and skip size. A 2 cubic yard skip is said to be 'mini', while a 6-8 one is said to be average and 40 cubic yards one is considered to be massive. It is important to choose the right size when it comes to skip and follow the load limit otherwise the company won't be able to get rid of your waste legally and you will have to shell out more money for an additional skip.

Skip hire is generally a quick process if one arranges for a public road permit and pay the necessary parking charges; this is something that all reliable skip companies would advise you to follow and some of them may even help you in getting the permit! The process takes an average of one week or ten days' time but at times the duration may be shorter (like everyday) or longer in case the situation calls for it.

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