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Living in West Hampstead


Renting a house in London is altogether a wonderful experience for it's a vibrant, lively and a classic city with variety. It is always a better option to rent a property before buying it because it equips one with knowledge regarding the various areas. Many people are choosing to live in London in rented property due to its close proximity to their work area. London has myriad attractions, lively pubs, gorgeous streets; everything is within a stone's throw.

West Hampstead

West Hampstead - Class 45
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West Hampstead is famous amongst young professionals because it has several trendy pubs, a prominent nightlife and excellent shopping areas. Young people prefer renting houses in West Hampstead because it's not as pricey as Hampstead. Moreover, it is well connected with various mediums of transportation.

Area of West Hampstead

West Hampstead is 4 miles from the West End and is in the north-west part of London. It is well connected by rail and tubes. The old railway land in West Hampstead was used for the construction of the striking shopping mall which was inaugurated in the year 1988. This shopping mall introduced many luxury shops, cinemas, and other social conveniences in the area. The discrete village like feel of the West End lane has chic bars, coffee shops and classy restaurants.


There is a wide array of property to choose from in West Hampstead. The gorgeous Edwardian mansions, monumental Victorian terraced houses, compact yet spacious adaptations and tidy 2 bed and 3 bed terrace and semis with trivial gardens await its tenants. Charming and large isolated 7 bedroom houses can be found in this area whose streets tend to border Hampstead "proper". The Maryon Wilson Estate which now is established with congenial properties. Red brick mansion blocks with large communal gardens, purpose-built and transformed flats and the occasional whole house. West Hampstead boasts a few 20th century council blocks and modern flat constructions. This area is the dream residential area for many young working people due to its reasonable accommodations as compared to Hampstead.

The West End Lane

The lush green landscape of West Hampstead is not distorted by its modern shops, bars and restaurants. Although the area houses numerous Victorian houses yet the Village like serenity of the place is never impacted. Its local residents love the West End Lane and it's their pivotal hub.


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West Hampstead is extremely well connected by public transportation. Its station is on the Jubilee line which connects to the West End and on to the South Bank and Canary Wharf. Its Thameslink directly connects the Luton airport and the city to the south. The over ground station in West Hampstead traverses east-west from Stratford to Richmond.

Abbey Road Area

David Bowie and The Rolling Stones had their very first recordings in the Broadhurst Gardens in West Hampstead. The area also boasts of housing the famous contestants of the TV show X Factor.

The well knit transportation system in West Hampstead and the nearby location of various locations makes it one of the best choices as a residential area.