Sunday, May 06, 2018

Cleaning Service Tips for Landlords

If you have decided to rent out your property, make sure you set the standard by cleaning it from top to bottom to attract more renters.
Is there a cleaning guide to making your property as clean as a new toothbrush? Take a look at this article where we explain all the steps in detail.

Fix problems when they occur

The sooner you fix a problem, the better. Don't wait for later. If you cannot cope with all the stuff by yourself, call in a technician. If there is any damage in the property, arrange repair services as soon as possible to keep the problem from getting worse.

Take care of your mattresses

Many landlords underestimate mattresses. Most of them aren't even aware of how many dust mites and bacteria these items attract on a daily basis. It is a good idea to sanitise them after every tenant. Some people have allergies so using UV light will eliminate all allergens.

Take care of your bathroom

Your bathroom can be the most repulsive place in your property if you don't keep it clean and disinfected. Pay attention to the most common parts of the bathroom such as tubs, sinks, toilet and shower. But don't forget to have a look at the other parts as well. Bathrooms are susceptible to mould and mildew. It's always a good idea to take measures on this part. Provide good ventillation. It will keep mould and mildew away.
Apart from cleaning you should also fix any leaks, make some improvements where possible and replace worn or old grouting and fixtures. This will change the appearance of your bathroom, making it more appealing and good-looking.
Your bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your property. If it is not properly maintained, it can break a deal. Here is why you ought to take care of it.

Clean your upholstery and carpets

Carpets and upholstery have some things in common. First off, they both attract tons of dirt that is not visible to you. Second, they have to be cleaned at least twice a year. Third, the same cleaning method can be used to eliminate all bacteria. If you are unsure of how to clean your upholstery get in touch with an independent end of tenancy cleaning company.

Always make sure you keep curtains, sofas, carpets, mattresses and other furnishings spotless clean. They can only improve the appearance of your property. Besides, if properly maintained, they will last longer.
You can also protect our belongings with appropriate solutions.

Hire a maid

If you are not able to clean regularly the place while no one has rented it, hire a maid. Once a week sessions will ensure that the property is in shipshape, free of dirt and dust mites. It will also look great if you want to show it to potential tenants who called in the last minute.
Professional maids usually offer good prices. You just have to look around and find the one that's more appropriate and fits perfectly your criteria.

Hire a window cleaner

Unless you live on the ground floor, you may also find it appropriate to hire a professional window cleaner that will take care of the most neglected parts of the house/apartment – its windows. By having your windows cleaned you will allow more light in the place. A well-lit property always looks better. It's cosier and more inviting.

So, these are our tips to making your property an amazing place that tenants would love to live in. Be sure to follow them and you'll see how quickly you attract more renters.