Thursday, September 18, 2014

6 reasons you need self-storage in your life

Corrugated shipping container, one type of &qu...
Corrugated shipping container, one type of "cardboard box" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whatever life throws at you, there is always self-storage. Sounds weird, huh? But think about it, those key life stages, self-storage has always been there to help you out. Storage can lend you that helping hand and give you that bit of space when you need it.

Here are the 6 main reasons you need self-storage in your life from Storagebase:

1.    Packing away your old toys – remember growing up and looking at your toys and wondering what possessed you to buy 40 Beanie Babies, 20 Barbies of varying occupations and 10 Ken dolls? But, even though you look at them with mild disgust, you can’t bear to throw them out. They have been loyal to you and kept you entertained for many hours. They are connected to thousands of memories. So, you pile them all up and place in a cardboard box and put them in self-storage. Because, you never know when you might need them again.

2.    Going to University – You’ve been accepted to your top university choice and are packing up your worldly possessions. You pile everything into cardboard boxes and decant them at the other end. You manage to gather a whole lot of junk and debris during your term and suddenly realise you need somewhere to store your worldly possessions over the summer before moving out of halls and into your new house. Who’s there to help you? Self-storage. Place it all in a storage unit and bring it back out when the keys have been exchanged.

3.    Seasonal/holiday items – All that camping/skiing/beach gear is cluttering up your shed and attic and making placing important things in these spaces unnecessarily hard. You don’t need this stuff for another year, so why is it still in the house? Time to get some space. Hello self-storage unit, hello lots and lots of new space.

4.    Moving house – Probably the most tumultuous time of anyone’s life, moving house is counted as one of the most stressful periods of any adult’s life. And you have stuff, so much stuff. Stuff everywhere, and where are you going to put it? Self-storage units. They take all of your stuff and keep it safe and sound while you discuss moving dates with estate agents, exchange keys and worry about how the cat is going to adapt to the new neighbourhood.

5.    Downsizing – The kids have moved out and the house seems really empty. You spend your time wandering around various rooms wondering how to fill them. And then you realise, it’s time to downsize. You find a nice house in the suburbs, small enough for the two of you, but large enough for the children to come and visit. You pack up all their belongings and stumble across things you haven’t seen for years; pictures drawn with crayons, father’s day cards, mother’s day cards, baby books and photographs. They stir memories and you can’t bring yourself to throw them out. You pack them all up and hire a self-storage unit, you know you can go and look at these memories whenever you want without cluttering up the new house.

6.    Retiring – You’ve had a lot of free time on your hands and so have taken up stamp collecting, sewing and a set up a rather impressive toy train collection. It’s a fabulous way to pass the time but somehow the house has been over taken by your collections. There’s not enough space for everything and so self-storage is the only option. Time to place all those carefully constructed and created items somewhere safe.