Monday, August 08, 2016

How to Get the Best of your Hotel Accommodation

It’s summer time, which means it's busy season for hotel bookings. Indeed,  it can be tricky getting that great accommodation for your vacation abroad this time of year, especially if you haven’t made previous reservations.

Not to worry, there are always exclusive places, like Forte Village, that have accommodation to offer. However, so you're prepared next time, here are some ways you can arrange the ultimate holiday vacation without being choked up at the last minute. 

1.       Getting Value for Your Money

Start your hotel/resort search as early as possible. This can never be stressed enough. The longer time you have available, the better for you to find a suitable deal. Some hotel resorts offer great rates for early bird reservations. 

-          Booking early isn’t just about getting attractive deals, you also get to pick the best rooms available.

-          If you can make your dates flexible, then compare various date ranges for the best rates. Hotels and resorts can suddenly become packed for a big conference or major event, making one weekend busy and pricey, while the next is empty and inexpensive.

-          Quick-flip weekends and weekdays. Hotels target different types of guests, who have different weekday and weekend schedules. Hotels with big business clientele can be peaceful (with great discounts) on weekends, while resorts that have more leisure travellers will be full on weekends but cheaper the rest of the week.

-          Consider upgrades by booking the least expensive room from an agent online, and contact the resort directly to find out about any available upgrades- if the hotel is not filled up, upgrades may be free or only a nominal fee. 

When is The Best Time to Make Reservations?
Here’s a general impression that works nicely for most situations:

For hotels with lots of business clientele, the 7-10 days prior to your stay will often get you the finest deals. However, for hotels and resorts that have vacationers as their main guests, booking 2 – 6 months ahead of your stay is advisable.

What Day of the Week Has the Most Attractive Hotel Deals? 

This depends on the type of hotel or resort that you are booking.

Business hotels will offer more discounts on weekends when business clients are home. Alternatively, resorts will often have vacant rooms (and discounts) on weekdays because people who book them come on weekends and leave by Sunday night. 

What is Included in Bundle Offers and Are there Extra Charges? 

Whenever you are comparing different rates online, ensure that you check what is included in the quoted price. Are there extra charges or taxes?

Extra costs could include any of these below:
-          City, State, and Country taxes
-          City, State, and Country charges
-          Booking service charges (usually masked as hotel fees)
-          Hotel utilities surcharge
-          Hotel resort fee
-          Gym or swimming pool charges
-          Parking fees
-          Room service or maintenance fees

When talking to an agent about a booking, it is best to clarify these extra costs form the onset, so as to avoid confusions later.