Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sell Your House Faster With These Few Tips

Selling your home can be a long and tedious process. Even though houses in the UK are becoming a premium, there are many things that people consider before making a house their home. Even celebrities have found it difficult to sell off their coveted mansions.

Having it take so long to sell your home can be quite frustrating, even if youre not in such a hurry to sell. So here are top, very actionable tips for selling up your home a lot faster, courtesy of Redstones: 

Know why you are selling your home, but give nothing away to the prospective buyer 
 Are you looking to raise money through a quick sale, or are you seeking to make as much profit as possible from your house?

Understand your priority. It should guide your asking price, negotiation approach, and pretty much everything else.

But, be careful not to give your reason away to your prospective client: they will use it against you, especially if youre selling to raise cash. 

Be reasonable 
It is understandable that your home cost you a fortune, especially if you purchased it during the periods of mad UK house price increases.

But the hard truth is that house price growth is slowing, and more people are owning homes through “Help to Buy”. Also, with more people looking to rent homes from private landlords, your house may no longer be the hotcake it might have been in the past.

A good knowledge of the current going house prices in your area for similar properties should help you place a reasonable price on your home.

However, unless you are very pressed for cash, do not go too low on the price because, as more people are earning more money these days, there will be demand for homes.

As long as your home is suitable enough, it wont be long before someone who has saved up enough will come beating down your door.

Assume a prospective buyer yourself and check out open homes. Make notes of every physical and spatial detail of the homes, as well as asking prices and reasons for sale. This should arm you properly for your own house sale. 

Leave a good negotiation margin
When you have discovered a good price for your house, make sure that your initial asking price leaves room for negotiation. That way, you are likely to make more money than if you ask too close to your final price.

Set reasonable lowest and highest prices with a considerable margin between them; and try to get the most out of your house. 

Location is key
There are things we might take for granted about a place we have lived for years, such as the location of your home and what makes it a very good place to live.

Take your time to rediscover your home. Find out every good point you can about its location such as access to amenities, transport, schools, or clean air. Feature them as strong selling points while you show the buyer around. Strong broadband signal can also prove attractive in todays internet-dependent world. 

Dont make the repair a daunting prospect
People are very reluctant to move into homes where they would need to carry out significant repairs and effect major fittings, especially after paying so much for the home already.

Before putting your property up for sale, ensure that you fix major damages, paint it if necessary, and conduct general maintenance to make your home attractive to prospective buyers.
Doors, windows, electric work, and plumbing should be in order. They may not cost much, but they make your home unattractive if theyre not in order.

Where possible, you can factor in the costs of the repair in your valuation so you dont lose out. People are more willing to pay for houses where they only have to put in their personal touch to make it home.

But, do not do too much. Keep it simple and basic. Overdoing the repair may likely result in a loss for you. 

And invest in your kitchen 
The kitchen is the most important consideration for prospective home buyers. Upgrade your kitchen, and make it clean and tidy. The kitchen is so important that you are guaranteed to get back almost 90 percent of the money you spend on it. 

First impressions count and are probably the only chance you get
Put your individual traits and personality aside. When youre putting up your home for sale, make sure it is neat, tidy, and fresh-smelling, with everything in its right position.
Starting from the entrance and garden to the bathroom, and everything between, make sure everything is in a state that would appeal to any buyer.

If you are not very good at aesthetics, you can invite a second opinion to get an honest evaluation of the attractiveness of your property.

Avoid any form of clutter as this will make it really hard for prospective buyers to visualize the house as theirs. When people come to check a house out, they are already having a mental picture of their stuff in it. Make it a pleasant one and your home is likely to feel just right for them.

Keep the house neutral. Remember it is no longer your home. Remove everything that makes it personal to you: family photos, wallpapers, stuffed closets, and personal collections. 

Make yourself available
Selling a home can be a long, tasking process. You may have to go through several prospective buyer visits before your house gets sold.

Make arrangements to ensure that youre available during this period. The prospective buyers are likely as busy as you are and so being flexible enough to accommodate different schedules will go a long way.

You can designate someone in the family or a friend if such a person is more readily available. Also, make arrangements for the constant cleaning and airing of the house until it is sold. You do not want to be caught off guard by a sudden buyer visit. 

If you cant, then get an estate agent
Time constraint, lack of knowledge of the property market, or even lack of negotiation skills should make you consider getting an estate agent to sell your house. Estate agents also have access to more prospective buyers which gives you options.

Make proper evaluations of more than one estate agent, and find out how much they know. Check references and certifications, and hire the best candidate to sell your home for you.

Most importantly, look for an honest and likable agent. It will go a long way in determining how quickly you sell your home and how much you get out of it. 

No matter what, dont hurry too much
No matter how pressed you are for cash, do not sell to the first buyer that comes your way. As long as your home is in good condition, people will want to buy it.

Hold out for more prospective buyers so that there is competition among them. Then you are more likely to get the best deal possible for your home.

These are general tips that should work in most cases. However, Redstones offers tailored advice to fit your particular situation. Let Redstones take you through the home selling process for a guaranteed, quick home sale.