Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Basement Storage: Smart Ways to Optimise It

Basically, there are two options when it comes to the basement. Either it can be a deep, black hole where you throw away things you ‘just might need again someday’, or it can be your storage heaven where everything has its place and it is no big trouble to find something. According to many interior designers, the basement is the place people really try to maximize and use the best way possible. No wonder as it offers huge, open space to store most of your belongings.

Consider the space itself

Since the basement is in the lower level of the house, it is often susceptible to mold and stale odors. This can be caused by bad insulation, so consider your insulation options before you head out and start organizing your basement. Your next step should be removing everything from the basement and starting from scratch. Many people admit that this is the hardest part because there is so much to do, but it is necessary in order to organize your space better.

Decide what you want to keep, what you want to sell, and what to give to charity. Afterwards, group your things according to a certain criterion; for example, you can have the following categories: baby clothes, toys, cleaning supplies, and food. This way, you will store everything on shelves and in boxes much easier.

Pay attention to the safety

A strong shelving system is a must in the basement because you will need a lot of vertical space to store all your items. Never place heavy items high above your head. You want them stored neatly at a lower level so you can pick them up without being afraid of hurting yourself. When installing your shelving solution, think about the powersources and plumbing locations and make sure they are accessible. 

Calling a proffesional trademan like Electrics On Tap is important if you did need help with added electrical installations. This way you are certain the job gets done safely. 

Organise your storage according to your needs

How many times have you been in a situation when you needed something fast, but it was buried in one of the many boxes in your basement? You should pick your storage solution depending on the number of items you want to store and how often you use them. Shelving is really important for optimising your basement storage because this way, you can use vertical space to store everything you keep on the floor. 

Contemporary storage shelving solutions are absolutely superb for optimizing your basement space, as they can be expanded if needed, utilised as open shelving systems, or you can add bins and boxes in order to keep all your stuff in a perfect order. Avoid using cardboard boxes, though, because the humidity level in the basement is usually high, and as a consequence, you can have moldy boxes or even worse, attract rodents.  

Hard-to-store things

It often happens that some items get damaged or even ruined if not properly stored. Be careful with precious items such as fine linens, ceramic plates or wedding gowns and suits. When storing fine linens, make sure to use acid-free boxes and put some acid-free paper inside for some extra protection. Keep your holiday decorations easily accessible and packed in separate plastic bins depending on the holiday – the Halloween decorations, the Christmas decorations etc. If you have a wedding gown, store it on top of your shelves. 

Many dry-cleaners today offer a special type of packaging that will protect your precious garments. Utilize your walls in the best way possible. For example, sports equipment can be hung on the wall easily, and this way, things such as racquets, baseball bats or skateboards will be easily accessible. Also, pegboards, wire racks and magnet boards are simply amazing for storing your tools.
Whatever your storing system may be, all the effort and time you invested in setting it up will be wasted if you simply don’t break your bad habits. Always keep your storing solutions as simple as possible in order to encourage your family members to use them and place their items where they belong to.