Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hints on Making Your Patio Comfier and Prettier

A house with a patio is perfect for people who value outdoor living. Aside from being appealing, a functional and well-made patio can accommodate a number of outdoor activities. Still, if you feel that your patio is bare or lacks functionality, perhaps a few of these hints will make it better.

Weatherproof it

Only a well-maintained deck can take other upgrades and cosmetic changes. In other words, you need to create a solid foundation. No aesthetic improvements can hide weather-stained, grimy and cracked boards. Put some effort in restaining your patio flooring to protect it from the elements.

Enclose for comfort

Do you have a feeling that you are too exposed while sitting on the patio? A simple railing, gate or any other entry feature can instantly transform your deck into a safe, cosy space. A railing can serve many other purposes. For example, it can be used as a platform for planters, birdbaths, bird feeders, lighting or other outdoor ornaments. Finally, why not leave the top of the railing flat so your guests can put their drinks there.  

Unassuming cosiness

If you like throwing garden parties, you are aware that seating can become an issue as the number of guests increases. Unless you want to crowd the patio with chairs, consider built-in benches made of the same material as the rest of the patio. This way, they can blend in when not in use, while being always at hand.

Nature’s d├ęcor

Plants are by far the best way to enliven an outdoor space and soften the straight edges. Whether it’s the season of bursting blossoms or lush foliage, there is no reason not to hang pots on the railing or any other type of support. Just make sure they are not in a direct contact with the wooden floor.

Homegrown feast

If your space allows it, why not build a garden extension where you can grow vegetables and herbs in containers. There are vegetables that can successfullyadapt to pots like tomatoes, carrots and spring onions. A climbing trellis can support beans, peas and even cucumbers, while providing excellent shade.

Unobstructed views

If you live in a windy area, and especially if your home is built on a slope with a beautiful view, any activity aside from holding your cup of coffee with both hands can be challenging. Evenly spaced posts connected with glass panels can act as a wind-stopper fence which will not ruin a stunning view of the surroundings.

Tune the noise down

A weatherproof outdoor sound system is ideal for you if you live close to main roads. Soft music can eliminate the traffic noise and create a relaxing atmosphere in the garden. Hang the boxes up so they are out of the way and you are ready for an evening cocktail party.

Sun protection

For sun protection, you can choose a permanent solution, like a wooden pergola, or you can pick one of the many types of umbrellas. For instance, at SydneyShade you can find wall-mounted and cantilever umbrellas that take up virtually no floor space and can be adjusted for optimal coverage.

Make a day last longer

Solar or low-voltage post-top lights are perfect for creatingambience lighting when an evening dinner continues into the night. For a raised deck, add small lights to the sides of each step. The last thing you want is someone stumbling over with a glass of Tom Collins.
For many people, the patio is an extension of the living room. For others, it is a unique blend of interior and outdoor living. One way or another, taking even these small steps to make it cosier and more appealing will be rewarded with peaceful mornings and relaxing afternoons.