Thursday, October 26, 2017

7 Changes You Can Make to a Rental Home

If buying the house is still something to fight for, you already know everything about all benefits and difficulties a renter can experience. Living in a rented apartment or a house can be good since it’s affordable, and all major repairs are done by landlord. On the other hand, you as a renter don’t have the total freedom once you decide to remodel your temporary home. Of course, if you’re lucky enough and your landlord is a flexible person, you’ll get a pretty good chance to negotiate certain changes. Talk to the landlord, get permission, and start working on refreshing your rental home.

Refresh furniture

Majority of rental homes are stuffed with old pieces of furniture, and their look and arrangement can be very depressing. Start replacing the oldest pieces with some new ones, but always keep in mind your budget.
If you want to save some cash, you may consider visiting antique markets, charity shops or car boots. These places are hiding some treasures, but you need to be patient and persistent. Another way is to ask the landlord to invest in furniture upgrades. There’s a chance they say "Yes" and save you a lot of time and money. 
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Think outside of the box

If your budget is thin and your landlord is not in a position to improve your home’s interior, you’ll need to start getting creative. Go online, explore some interior blogs and websites, and learn how to easily improve the appeal of outdated furniture. Start making your own customized curtains and fluffy pillows which can be scattered all over the house. Use materials you like the most, and design every single detail. That way, you’ll get something both personal and useful.

Paint everything

Your rental home can get much prettier with a simple coat of paint, so don’t miss the opportunity. Paint those garish walls and chipped cabinets, and give your home a new fresh face. Make sure to think about the perfect combination of colors, so they affect your mood in a positive way. You can’t miss with neutral earth colors which calming effect will help you to relax after a long day. If you have the backyard and a deck, go ahead and refresh woodwork, so you can enjoy with your loved ones during the weekend.

Improve the backyard

If you have some spare time on your hands, and your landlord is ok with that, go ahead and set up an organic garden, so you can produce your own healthy food. In addition, install a barbeque and start organizing amazing backyard parties with your friends. In order to protect your guests from excessive sun, or a sudden summer rain, consider investing in the bestretractable roof systems and awnings. At the end, decorate your deck and furniture with some antique ornaments and soft cushions.

Beautify the walls

There are plenty of ways to liven up the old walls in your rental, so get creative once again. Think about using tall wooden boards as a background for your completely hand-made and unique wallpapers, and place them behind sofas and tables. Mix it up with some temporary wall decals which will provide you with plenty customizing options. The market is stacked with different „stick-on-peel-off“ decals which will beautify your home while keeping the state of walls undamaged.  

Tell the story

Rearrange the furniture the way it meets all your aesthetic and needs for space. Once you’re done, continue personalizing the house by displaying your favorite photos or pieces of art. Create a beautiful mosaic from your happiest memories, and hang it on the bedroom wall so you can fall asleep relaxed and happy. If you’re into crafting, feel free to assemble your own bookshelf and fill it with your favorite books. The books you place there will tell a story about you and will keep changing as you change.

Declutter on regular basis

Before you start working on your home’s facelifting, make sure to clean everything. If you do this right, you’ll get some space you didn’t know you had, and the house interior will look much more appealing. Pull up your sleeves, get some big black bags and start getting rid of everything you don’t need including old magazines, mail, documents and random papers that stacked on flat surfaces. Once you thoroughly cleaned your rental, give your best to keep it that way, so you won't lose much time on decluttering. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, if planned and performed well, the changes you make in your temporary home can really make the place look fresh and cozy. Consider all mentioned tips and don’t forget to explain your plan to the landlord. Be responsible and accept responsibility for any damage you make during the remodeling. If your landlord is a decent person, they’ll be happy to help you, and maybe invest some money in your rental home.