Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tips to Retaining Good Tenants in London

As a property owner/landlord, you must be aware, having good tenants that take care of the property, pay their rent on time, and well mannered are hard to find these days. To add to this, if you lose your current tenant, the property will lie vacant and your money, effort and time will go into advertising for new and good tenants. Hence, you will have to spend more on screening potential tenants, advertising for new tenants and this can take so much time! It all makes sense to just retain the good tenants you have or work with estate agents in Dulwich to find suitable ones for the future.
As a landlord, it is normal that you find yourself pondering over the same question, how can you retain your tenants? With most leases lasting for over a year, what could you do to help convince our tenants to stay in your property once the lease expires? Well, there are a number of important changes and steps you can implement in order to retain tenants for years to come.

Look After Your Tenants and Your Property

Once you rent out your home and hand out the rental keys, things just don’t end there. To attract a good tenant and ensure they stay for years to come, you have to maintain a well looking and clean property that clearly demonstrates your intentions as the property owner. It is your duty to make sure that the tenant you have feels proud and happy that they live in your property. If your house has a swimming pool, a filthy and overgrown landscape with poor lighting will all affect the way tenants make the final decision on whether to move out or renew the lease. It is also important that when you talk to your estate agents such as those at Fish Need Water, you should list down all the duties you have as the landlord in order to prevent further complications in the future.
However, a landlord who ensures that the property remains neat, from the sidewalks, walkways to the front area remains clear from dirt and snow, responds to complaints and requests efficiently and promptly, shows concerns for the well-being and comfort of their tenants, and attends to all their needs will also remain on top preference.

Be Proactive and Responsive

It is always simpler to get the tenant to renew the lease if they like to and happy to deal with you. If you are the sort who answers their calls and attend to them for important things, you should not be surprised that they would like to stay with you for another year. You should always respond to your tenant’s complaints and requests efficiently. If you need more time to resolve any issues, it is advisable that you communicate with your tenants and clear all their doubts before things get out of control. Most importantly, do not ignore their requests, even if you feel the problem is beyond your control. Instead, you should discuss the issue with your tenants and offer them resources and support them to solve the problems on their own.

You Should Create an Open Dialogue

Being a landlord, you should try to be as approachable and act fast in case an issue arises in your rental property. This means that you should stay on top of general maintenance issues and deal with them on time. You can also consider instructing your property management company to act on behalf of you if you prefer to stay in the background.

Imagine Yourself as the Tenant

It is easy for landlords to be focused on their tasks, but consider having to look for some competition and think about what your tenants may see when they look elsewhere. To keep good tenants happy, it is advisable that you also consider fittings and fixtures. These days, cheap fittings are not hard to spot and if your tenant is searching for a long-term rent, you can expect certain standards and look elsewhere.

Respect Their Privacy

Once you rent out your home, you should know that you have to follow some rules and law. You have to learn to respect the privacy of your tenants and ask for their permission before making visits. Although the property is yours, you have to respect some things such as privacy. Only visit your tenants when they invite you into their home. If you are on friendly terms, you can ask them for permission over the call.

Having good tenants is a blessing today, if you have one in your property right now, it is best that you try your best to keep them happy at all times. Attend to all their needs; ask them for the things or changes they want for their home and work accordingly to maintain a good relationship.