Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How to Transform Your Rental into a Tenant Magnet

Every landlord has the same dream of attracting only the most prominent long-term tenants who will not only care for the property during their stay, but also spread the word about the amazing accommodation to their friends and family. While bringing this dream to fruition is not impossible, it does require careful consideration and planning along with meticulous execution in order for the project to pay off in the long run. With that in mind, here are the key steps to transforming your rental into a magnet for amazing tenants.

It all starts with curb appeal

The first impression is formed before the prospective tenant even ventures inside. Your future tenants are going to form a strong opinion the moment your property enters their line of sight, so you want to make sure everything is spotless, from the fence and the front lawn, to the paintjob on the facade and the design of the front porch.

Keep it simple, welcoming, and timeless

Venturing into the interior, there is a simple premise that needs to seamlessly permeate the setting, a premise that will imbue the space with peace and positivity: simplicity. Don’t mistake this notion for “barren” or “devoid of character”, but rather embrace it as something that will allow you future tenants too envision their future here, to envision themselves building their ideal living environment themselves.

Pay special attention to kitchen design

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home, and going above and beyond to create a functional and aesthetic environment will go a long way in attracting the best tenants out there. You want to make sure your kitchen has everything from modern appliances to culinary amenities, as well as healthy additions.
Your future tenants will greatly appreciate a “healthy” kitchen, one that not only has proper ventilation, but also uses a modern reverse osmosis water filter to provide the flow of clean water. This will help portray a truly modern interior that, in addition to looking great,  supports a healthy lifestyle to boot.

But don’t forget about the bathroom

The bathroom is another essential part of a truly amazing rental, and prospective tenants will look for a bathroom design that not only meets their needs, but radiates peace, positivity, and well-being. The key is to create a spa-like setting by combining natural, earthy hues with plenty of natural light and strategic decor accents such as a grand mirror over the vanity, potted plants on the windowsills, and comfortable furniture overlooking the bathtub.

Evoke the feeling of intimacy in the bedroom

Likewise, the bedroom will play a vital role in creating a marketable rental property. Instead of doing what every other landlord does and not give the design of the bedroom much consideration other than it’s the place where people sleep, you want to make some small but striking changes that will immediately appeal to the tenant. Think about neutral hues on the walls complemented with accent wall art, and make sure you install programmable lighting to set the mood for every occasion.

Put it all online for the world to see

Everyone is searching for the ideal rental online and you want your listing to truly grab the attention of prospective tenants. This is why you want to put time and effort into creating a compelling listing emphasising all the benefits, complemented with professional photos that will make it impossible for aspiring tenants to skip making a visit to your property.

Stick to regular and meticulous maintenance

Finally, regular upkeep of the home’s interior and exterior will not only ensure your property is in perpetual tip-top shape, ready to welcome interested viewers, but it will also portray your professionalism and devotion to making your tenants happy in their new home. This will go a long way in boosting the success of your rental business for year to come.
Creating a truly amazing rental property is not exactly a walk in the park, as it requires some planning and careful execution in order for the project to generate positive, long-term ROI. Try introducing these solutions in order to easily transform your rental into a truly wonderful living environment your tenants will love.